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Bread and Arrows

By Deborah J. Ross
Apr 1, 2019 · 5,719 words · 21 minutes

Artisan Loaves of Bread

Photo by Drew Coffman via Unsplash.

From the author: “Bread and Arrows” is a journey into a dark place, grappling with loss and mortality and hard choices. It also features a different role for the charismatic, sexually attractive stranger; Celine looks beneath the handsome exterior to the suffering man, and draws compassion from her own struggle. And the bakery salamander was irresistible!

Celine knelt in front of the brick-lined bread oven, her head and shoulders halfway inside the fire pit. Her probing fingertips scraped against a cracked, unevenly heating floor tile. She took out her stone-wand, hoping she wouldn't have to dismantle the entire oven to make repairs. Nestled in a bucket of warm ashes, her salamander kept up an incessant grumble.

“Fire-go-out! World end!”

The string of bells on the front door of the bakery shop chimed gently, accompanied by the creaking hinge....

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