Satire Science Fiction

Sparkle: A Science Fictional Allegory

By Barbara Krasnoff
Mar 22, 2019 · 496 words · 2 minutes

Photo by MUNMUN SINGH via Unsplash.

From the author: Written on the subway and inspired by current events.

“So it is determined that we, the opposition, are resolved on a new campaign for educating our people and other allies on the truth of our history as it pertains to the current political situation,” L’€¥¢©® said, satisfaction beaming from its three multifaceted eyes. The others, all members of the same %^& cultural subgroup, murmured agreement.

“This is a perilous time, for us and for many other cultural subgroups,” said Elder !@#$. “We need to try to work together as much as we can.”

L’€¥¢©® pulled its left eyebrow in relief and opened its secondary mouth to continue. “Next on the agenda…” It was interrupted when a new being suddenly popped into the meeting.

After a moment of silence, L’€¥¢©® said, “Welcome. Are you here to join our movement to counter the lies of the current administration?”

The new being twinkled at them happily. It had obviously spent a great deal of time honing its attractiveness: Its eyebrows were carefully braided with shining green threads, its primary and secondary mouths were dyed a dark, alluring chartreuse, and over its body it wore several coats of sparkling multicolored paint that almost blinded several of the older attendees.

“I am here,” it squeaked in an alluring but irritating tone, “to tell you that an increasingly large percentage of our %^& cultural subgroup is leaving the opposition and joining the establishment. I've created a new organization to encourage this movement. Please join me.”

L’€¥¢©® stared. “That's ridiculous, “ it finally sputtered. ”The establishment has consistently supported those who wish our demise. It has allied itself with violent extremists, both here and in our historic homeland. It has lied, cheated, and is encouraging the extinction of many species, including the <>^, the cutest animals on the planet. Why would more of our people join it?“

The newcomer twinkled again. “Because two members of your opposition party said unpleasant things about our cultural subgroup,” it said. “As a result, there is now a movement of our people to join the establishment.”

“Not so,” said Elder !@#$, who was also the group’s mathematician. “Facts show that 79% of our people rejected the establishment party in the last election.”

“Oh, facts! Pooh!” The newcomer twinkled even harder. Three Elders fainted. “Haven't you read your Orwell?

“What is an Orwell?“ asked L’€¥¢©®, bewildered.

“Never mind. The point is, I’m gorgeous and twinkly, and the establishment loves me and is giving me lots of support. So if I say there's a movement of our people to support the establishment, who will everyone believe? You fact-dependent losers, or lovely, twinkly me?”

“But if you are believed, you could do incalculable damage to your own cultural subgroup, to others, and to the world at large.”

“Who cares?” The newcomer flung back its braided eyebrows gracefully. “Whatever happens, I'll be rich and famous, and that’s all that’s important. Bye, losers!”

And with a final twinkle, it disappeared.

Barbara Krasnoff

Writer of weird speculative short stories.