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By Ben Serna-Grey
Mar 20, 2019 · 3,524 words · 13 minutes

Murmur web

Art by Anton Oxenuk.  

From the author: A story set in the same universe as "Sigh," and one that unfortunately has had a pretty rough publication history. Follows an old widower as he tries to make his way in this burnt out, dead world.

I was here before it all happened. And I was here while it happened. It came slow. So slow. First the trees started drying up. Then the animals all gathered to die. The sky clouded over and spat down grimy ash-filled rain. Then there were the people. Some looted, some did terrible things, for a while at least. Most folks just went quietly. Calmly. One last sigh of resignation.

Me and Wanda held on for a while, tried our best. But we were already old at that point. I injured my back cleaning...

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