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The Bomb-Thing

By KJ Kabza · Mar 20, 2019
6,026 words · 22-minute reading time

From the author: When Mason, a janitor at a university, flirts his way into convincing an attractive stranger to meet him and his best friend Blaine for an after-hours tour of the physics building, Blaine understands his role: he’s strictly there to help Mason score. But when arrogant Mason tries to impress his date by operating a dangerous experimental device he doesn’t understand, Blaine must deal with the fallout and confront a much bigger problem than playing wingman.

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Mason is my best friend. He's about 5'10" and 185 lbs., and with the buzz cut and the scar by his eye from that fight in junior year, he looks like a real asshole. And he is, sometimes. But then he smiles, and his whole face lights up, and you feel like everything in the world is gonna be okay. One look at that smile and you'd follow him anywhere.

And I have, too.

But I'm not gay, or anything.

Mason works at the university. He's a janitor, but he's like the janitor in that movie who secretly solves all those problems on the blackboard in the hallway. Mason says he could make significant contributions to science, if he felt like it, which he doesn't. That's one thing that's so great about him: Mason is his own man, and you can't tell him what to do. The fight he got into junior year? The other guy was a cop.

I work up the street at Wacko Taco. The job is meh, but the people are cool. Lots of college kids. I used to think nerds were all stuck-up little pricks, but actually, most of...


KJ Kabza

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