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Lancer in New Orleans

By Bob Brill
Mar 19, 2019 · 189 words · 1 minute

From the author: Lancer's latest adventure; to New Orleans.

Lancer; Hero of the West starts out in Tombstone, Arizona as the Preliminary hearing for Wyatt Earp and his brothers over the fight at the OK Corral, is coming to a close. Lancer, pals with the Ear's and Doc Holliday, ends up in the courtroom to show moral support. He ends up getting a telegram which will send him on another adventure; to New Orleans.

There he is to meet up with a former colleague and spy for the US Government trying to solve a case of international importance. Along the way he meets up with a notoroius Indian warrior, and old pal, a future pal and grandfather of a well known American of the 20th century and a woman; of course.

How Lancer handles the situation is the primary story of the book which you can read now by getting the Kindle version or paperback on Amazon. You can also get it from the author, Bob Brill.

This is the best and most well written Lancer; Hero of the West, to date. More at the blog.

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Lancer; Hero of the West - The New Orleans Affair

Lancer; Hero of the West - The New Orleans Affair, is the fifth book in the Lancer HOTW series. This one takes our hero from his base in Tombstone to the Crescent City to deal with spies and a battle over international sovereignty. And of course the historical figures he meets along the way.

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