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Jakkit's Ferocious Mount

By KJ Kabza · Mar 14, 2019
2,010 words · 8-minute reading time

From the author: Jakkit has an impossible dream of growing up to become a dragon-riding Flamerider Knight, though he’s just a kitchen boy who works in the castle gardens. And Flour, Jakkit’s runty, mutant dragon, is hardly Flamerider material either. But a draco who can’t roar, fly, or breathe fire has to be good for something… and Jakkit needs to figure out what, before the castle gets impatient with Flour’s growing size and appetite and kicks the both of them out.

"Welcome to your First Bonding," growled Mistress Takka. She jerked a calloused thumb behind her. "They're in the pen behind me. Don't bother straining to look. I'll call you up so you can pick your mount and you'll see them soon enough. Yedden!"

Jakkit watched from his hiding place in the riglebush. A page with red hair approached Mistress Takka and bowed. Then he approached the pen behind her, peered into it, and bent over and pulled out a draco pup.

"Mewp," said the pup.

The page grinned. "Take it down there," said Mistress Takka, gesturing to the other end of the stables. "Teshel will Bond it to you and Yel will brand it."

The page bowed again and hurried off, the pup squirming in his arms. "Mind the breath!" the Stable Mistress called. "They're young, but they can still scorch! Now. Who's next. Didion!"

Jakkit watched all the other pages select draco pups from the pen. He would give anything to be a Flamerider page. Soaring through the skies, his draco scorching the clouds with...


KJ Kabza

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