Fantasy Elves New York City Brownies


By Madeleine E. Robins · Mar 5, 2019
7,397 words · 27-minute reading time

Photo by Arthur Osipyan via Unsplash.

From the author: Elfland in Alphabet City

It's hard to find Pampers in Elfland. Mia tried everywhere in her neighborhood, then went farther west: the big Duane Reade on Second Avenue, the Pathmark on Ninth Street, Ricky's Discount, all out. Since the first elves had come down from the Catskills and people started calling Alphabet City Elfland, baby supplies had been mostly squeezed off the shelves by stuff likely to appeal to them: hair glitter, face paint, herbal supplements. Finally she found some in a bodega on the corner of Tenth Street. Diapers, and in Gabi's size, too, but the price! It took three minutes of going through her bag and her wallet and turning out her pockets to come up with fifteen dollars in bills and change. All the while the guy behind the counter was giving her a hard time: "Mas rapida, chica!" Two elves in the line behind her had their heads together, giggling. Gabi, hungry and with a diaper that had gone beyond wet, wailed miserably from her stroller.

"I know, I know, mami. Just a tiny moment—" Mia...

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