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Pop Rocks

By Angela Yuriko Smith
1,893 words · 7-minute reading time

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Story art by Image by Gennadij on Pixabay.  

From the author: This is the first chapter for Suite and Sour, the sequel to Bitter Suites, a 2018 Bram Stoker Awards® finalist. Like the last book, it all starts with our "Pop" guy at the Bitter Suites, a hotel that specializes in renewable death experiences. He's found a church with meetings at the hotel. They seek to experience resurrection in an immediate way. Of course, there are limitations... but "Popped" finds a work-around. All for the greater good?

Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection.’” The reverend emphasizes resurrection by slamming his fist on the pulpit. I see why he got excommunicated. The guy has Baptist passion. That kind of fervor makes the religious bureaucrats get all nervous. I give a whoop along with everyone else.

“He didn’t say resurrection with an expiration date. He didn't say resurrection with contingencies and regulations!” Pastor Thomas smacked the pulpit hard and I wondered if it hurt. Someone told me crazy people can’t feel pain. He did look crazy.

His eyes were all glittery and wild. When he really got going he shot little spit sprays out into the congregation. That’s why I’m here. Crazy people are good for business. I give another whoop with the crowd and throw in some amens. I’m not buying what he’s selling, but I am all about being his supplier.

“Jesus says—and listen close Flock—in John 3:3 He says ‘Unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.’” Pastor Thom pauses for effect,...


Angela Yuriko Smith

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