Horror Mystery Gothic Nanny Mansion

Emily's Big Brother - Part III

By DC Phillips · Mar 14, 2019
1,158 words · 5-minute reading time

From the author: Sarah's saga comes to a shocking conclusion in Part Three of Emily's Big Brother. Find out what happened to the last nanny...and what Elmira Dalton has been hiding.

Sarah found sleep unattainable that night. She laid flat on her back for at least two hours, staring at the ceiling, pondering her situation. Her mind was a kaleidoscope of the past few days' events, conversations, and discoveries. Something here was obviously not right and she had to do something and had to help these kids. At best, their mother was a domineering drill sergeant. At worst, Sarah wasn't so sure.

She fumbled through the dark house, down the stairs. She stood outside Daniel's room and listened closely. The door swung open and Sarah stepped inside.

A deep blue light from the window entered the room, just enough for her to make out shapes and the objects that they represented. The bed sat against the middle of the back wall, a motionless lump on top, the size of a small child.

"Daniel," Sarah whispered. "Daniel, is everything alright?" Her eyes adjusted to the muted darkness and skimmed the floor. Parts of toys littered the carpet, a stuffed bear's head disconnected and...

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