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By KJ Kabza · Feb 23, 2019
5,229 words · 20-minute reading time

From the author: The angel Corusc has been sneaking away from Heaven to take a mortal form more often than allowed—and to explore the pleasures of the flesh. The angel Nix is manifesting a physical form on Earth for the first time—and Nix is Corusc’s secret crush. But sexual congress as an angel is often forbidden. Is Nix really worth Falling for? (Warning: erotica.)

[CONTENT WARNING: This story is erotica and contains explicit sexual situations.]

I placed my right foot on her nightstand, so she could admire the color of my panties, and zipped up my thigh-high boot. She watched me from the bed, lying on her side, propping up her head with one hand. Morning sun made her strawberry curls into a halo. Her bright gaze reminded me of Nix. I looked away.

"You're going already?"

I gave my best rueful smile. "Work."

She closed her eyes. A smile just barely lit the corners of her lips. I didn't want to leave her—the memory of all their hungry touches hangs upon my skin, and I never want to leave any of them—but if I were late, it would all be over. So I left her apartment without looking back.

Cut another notch on the bedpost for Tentatio.

On the street, a distant church bell tolled the hour. 7 a.m. I stepped into a narrow alley between two buildings, made sure I was not being watched, and demanifested all my clothes—boots, miniskirt, corset and all. I...


KJ Kabza

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