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In Case of Apocalypse

By KJ Kabza · Feb 23, 2019
575 words · 3-minute reading time

From the author: Her master demands that she live as a horse, and she lives to obey. But she can only earn her master ultimate trust, and learn the secret of his true identity, once she commits past the point of no return. (Warning: erotica.)

[CONTENT WARNING: This story is erotica and contains explicit sexual situations.]

He moved his hand beneath my chin, grasping my bridle and forcing my head up. "Are you ready, girl?"

I inhaled, the stable's scent of old wood and new hay curling into my nose, mingling with the bitter taste of the bit on my tongue. I said nothing. Ponies don't talk.

He let go and walked around me for a final inspection. His hands ran over my body as he moved, over the white spandex that covered my skin—tightly so over my hands and feet, balling them up and forcing them into hooves. He reached beneath the saddle to my butt plug tail, tousling the sprout of horsehair, then grasping the base and pulling playfully. I gasped but held it in. Good ponies keep in their tails.


Anticipating his desire, I moved to my hands and knees, bracing hooves and knee pads against the floor, eager to accept his weight.

But then he took off my saddle.

I looked over a shoulder. Bareback? But he only knelt there,...


KJ Kabza

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