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Tour de Force

By Stephen Dedman
Feb 14, 2019 · 4,954 words · 19 minutes

I’ve always thought I would enjoy vanlife, and boy was I right. Traveling to new places each day, realizing how little you actually need from a day to day perspective and oh the spontaneity of the trip itself. Each day is so different and exciting.

Photo by Amanda Klamrowski via Unsplash.

From the author: As promised, the sequel to 'As Wise as Serpents'.


by Stephen Dedman

The road to Kalbarri looked as though it hadn't been improved since the turn of the century, and the Niva parked at the pump ahead of me was covered with dust the colour of bad sunburn. I was sure it wasn't Sergei - nothing would have persuaded him to drive a Russian car this far from a city, not even Ultra Secret - but I sat there and practiced pretending not to know him for a few seconds before opening the door. That was a mistake; I'd thought Perth was...

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