Fantasy Humor Strange flash fiction puns

Watch Out, It's Catching

By KJ Kabza
Jan 27, 2019 · 331 words · 2 minutes

From the author: I’m really into catching faeries. I’ve caught a Cold, a Fever, Your-Meaning (though catching Your-Meaning can be difficult), My-Drift, and many more. But for some reason, people don’t seem to understand my hobby.

I caught a Cold the other day and put it in a jar. Even though I poked holes in the lid so it could breathe, it beat against the glass with its tiny blue fists in anger. I didn't want it to be too upset, so I gave it something to eat. Feed a Cold, starve a Fever, they say.

That was a few days after I caught My-Breath—that usually only takes a few minutes to catch, though for some people who don't have practice, it's much harder—and a few days before I caught Your-Meaning, which can be tough...

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