Science Fiction

On Trial

By Rachelle Harp
Jan 19, 2019 · 989 words · 4 minutes

Rave Russia

Photo by Alexander Popov via Unsplash.

From the author: In a dark, cyberpunk future, Mallory Green is on trial for a crime she could never commit. "On Trial" was winner of the Havok Steampunk vs. Cyberbunk contest. It was also republished in audio at StarShipSofa.

Malorie Green's mug-shot blazed across the digital courtroom wall. Wide eyes. Thin, black hair. A crack in the screen ran right through her image. The word defendant branded in red letters. She held her breath, hoping the sensors would miss her rising temperature. Her heart pounded.

Would sensors pick that up, too?

Mr. Kane faced the jury. "As Miss Green walked by campus cameras, facial recognition alarms signaled police. We sit in this courtroom to decide her fate."

Malorie clamped her hands...

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