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Julian Accidentally Goes on a Date with a Really Old Man

By Ashley Jae Carranza
1,374 words · 5-minute reading time

The bench

Photo by Bruno Martins via Unsplash.

From the author: Julian Pepper finds herself in an odd predicament after thinking an older gentleman wants to take her under his wing.

When Julian had a good twenty-one days of sobriety under her belt and was becoming more engulfed in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, she decided to take the advice she’d been hearing. She wanted to make friends, learn from her fellows, look for the similarities instead of the differences, and above all, she wanted to be a Yes Man. She’d spent enough time drinking alone both in and out of the closet, both before and while driving; basically, she’d had enough and she wanted to change. Who better than to teach her the secrets of sobriety than Dwight?

Dwight; 115 pounds soaking wet, snow white hair combed over the forehead that continued to elongate in age, walked with a slight hunch, blue veins mapped the liver spots on his papery hands. Dwight; filled with knowledge from the last century, who’d been a meth head during the days of Woodstock, who’d gotten sober five years before Julian was even born. Dwight; slave to his 95 year old mother, never had a ring on his finger nor put...


Ashley Jae Carranza

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