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Betrayal Bond

By Alex Pearl
1,913 words · 7-minute reading time

From the author: A couple gets their jollies by stabbing other people in the back. But what happens when they decide to turn on each other?

Wisconsin and I gaze into one another’s eyes as I row away from the sinking cruise liner. Her little yellow Steno pad sits in her lap, momentarily scribbled in but quickly forgotten as we both marinate in the ecstasy of a job well done. I watch the ocean breeze pull at a lock of her hair, tugging the strand free from its place behind her ear to lay over her eye and across her cheek.

“Biggest one yet?” she asks, tearing her eyes away from mine – if only for a moment – to watch the waters teeming with bailing sailors and senior citizens. I chew on my lip and think about it.

“Definitely all at once,” I say. “Do you remember the job we had in the ice cream truck?”

Her eyebrows bounce at the reminder, and she gives a small shudder. A few more strands of hair fall across her face.

“We did that job for a while, didn’t we?” I say. “I’d guess that we got to more than a cruise ship’s worth of children before everyone caught on.” She and I both sigh at once.

“Oh, their heartbroken faces,”...


Alex Pearl

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