Science Fiction aliens children happy ending kidlit

Merry Christmas and Lucky Jibblewooch

By KJ Kabza
Dec 29, 2018 · 2,624 words · 10 minutes

From the author: Lara hates living on the planet Brax. The school and work days are longer, her family can’t make enough money, her Braxan house "ticks like a clock whenever it’s windy outside," and to top it all off, there’s no Christmas on Brax. But when a classmate teaches Lara about the Braxan holiday of Jibblewooch, Lara thinks she sees a way to turn her family’s luck around.

At dinner, Lara asked, "Is Santa Claus coming this year?"

Her parents and sister got very quiet. Lara shoved a fleeble fruit around her plate with her fork. "Is he?"

"Baby," said her mother, without looking at her. "Santa Claus can't fly to Brax."

Lara looked out the window, into the snowy streets of the Braxan North Pole. The sidewalks were empty, because to the Braxans, it wasn't dinnertime. They were all still at work.

Lara looked back down at her plate. "That's what you said last year."


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