Fantasy Horror Strange

The Seven Garages of Kevin Simpson

By Alan Baxter
Dec 27, 2018 · 3,653 words · 14 minutes

From the author: A podcast original at Pseudopod back in 2011, here's the full text of the story. A horror yarn about the things we're left, the legacies of the past, and possible futures we may not have chosen for ourselves.

The Seven Garages of Kevin Simpson

Originally published as a podcast at Pseudopod. Find the podcast here. Subsequently reprinted in the anthology Dark Places 2 from Gryphonwood Press, available from Smashwords.

The Seven Garages Of Kevin Simpson
by Alan Baxter

‘Seven garages?’

‘Yes, Mrs Baker. Your father’s will identifies each one and dictates that they have all been left to you, along with the family home.’

Claire sat stunned for several seconds, staring across the solicitor’s desk. ‘Seven...

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