Fantasy boarding school girl power planetary magic

Moon and Memory

By Laura Blackwell · Dec 20, 2018
9,179 words · 34-minute reading time

From the author: 14-year-old Diana and her friends, all heirs to sorcerous bloodlines, call on the power of heavenly bodies to use their unique magics. They must leave the safe confines of 1950 and their Swiss boarding school—traveling through time and space, fact and fiction—to track down the sinister plot that threatens to end one of these bloodlines forever.

As we expected, all three of the girls landed in the North Atlantic. Océane inhaled a lungful of water without feeling it, but the others had more trouble.

Alvilda gashed her arm on a nail as she pulled herself onto a piece of the broken rowboat. Ignoring the sting of the salt water, she pushed a bedraggled hat-feather out of her face and turned her steady gaze to the brigantine. She remained still and silent as an iceberg, even as she noted the awkward extra deck built onto its bowsprit.

Beatriz sputtered and choked, flailing skinny limbs in the water. Océane prayed to Athirat for the ocean's mercy, and a board bobbed up between Bea's arms. She grabbed hold of Bea's board and Alvilda's to keep them together and afloat.

The ship came around, and men threw down ropes for them. Cramped in unaccustomed corsets, weighed down by sodden skirts and bustles, Alvilda and Océane let themselves be hoisted aboard. Bea clambered up ahead, monkey-like in her lighter child's clothing, boosted by a...

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