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Thalia: A Comedy

By Alex Pearl · Nov 30, 2018
5,320 words · 20-minute reading time

From the author: Warning: Grossness! Bedsores! And artist self-esteem! A man is trapped in his own home by a monster who implants him with inspiration and harvests him.

Something in my head begins to beat - like a heart, like a drum, something red and invigorating and most importantly present. I awaken to the organic rhythm, and my vision focuses for the first time in months. My consciousness assembles clumsily, as though dispersing dreams from a restless night in an attempt to assemble the reality of wakefulness. It takes me a moment to realize what dispelled my fugue, but eventually my scattered senses seize on the single active object with me in my living room: the television. Thalia is on TV.

She chats and smiles with a late night talk show host, as beautiful as the day we’d met. I can’t make any sense of what she’s saying. The camera flits between Thalia and the gel-haired host, and I can see something on the host’s desk that seems important. The camera switches back to Thalia again before I can make it out. I lean forward in my bloodstained hospital gurney and try to harness my attention.

Panic begins to swell in my chest, and it starts...


Alex Pearl

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