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You Don't Know Where That's Been

By KJ Kabza
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Out of all the things I've found abandoned by the side of the road, the silver pendant was definitely the coolest.

I found it in the gutter four blocks from my house. The pendant itself was a nine-pointed star, polished to a bright shine, with a weird stone in the middle. The stone looked green, but if you held it up to the light just right, it somehow turned white.

Of course, I put it on right away, and hid it under my shirt.

When I got home, Mom said, "Drew, why on Earth is there a pile of broken trophies by the side of the house?"

I don't know why she always asked me stuff like this. She already knew what I was going to say. "Because it's treasure."

"It's trash. And you don't know where that's been."

"Sure I do. It's been on the curb in front of the blue house on Wolfton Street."

"And it's covered in who knows what kind of germs!"

"Actually, everything's covered in germs." I opened the fridge and looked for something to eat.

Mom made a face. "Everything will be, if you don't wash...


KJ Kabza

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