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By Alan Baxter
4,635 words · 17-minute reading time

From the author: A young man finds a mysterious scroll after his grandfather dies. The scroll unlocks supernatural secrets, but it's magic not to be fooled with. Originally published in Murky Depths Magazine, issue 16, April 2011.


by Alan Baxter

‘How can it possibly be real?’

‘Why not? You can see it’s old.’

‘Grandad is old too, but that doesn’t make him anything particularly special.’

Peter shrugged. ‘Point. But seriously, don’t you think this looks... I don’t know. Authentic?’

He turned the scroll over in his hands, looking at it from all angles, stroking the aged, dry surface.

‘What’s it made of?’ Claire asked. ‘Some kind of skin?’

‘Dunno. Looks like it. Is it called vellum? I seem to remember that from history.’

‘History classes were a long time ago for both of us,’ Claire said with a laugh. She reached out and touched the scroll, one finger tracing the length of it. ‘It kinda gives me the creeps. Tell me again what it says.’

Peter read silently for a moment. ‘The first part is to set up the mirror for travelling. The second part is to select your destination. The third part is for protecting you on the journey. It’s all pretty straightforward. The last part says, “Forget ye not the reflexion...


Alan Baxter

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