Science Fiction happy ending far-future SF spaceships

Get Happy

By KJ Kabza
Nov 20, 2018 · 1,675 words · 7 minutes

From the author: Despite their omnipotence and immortality, and an infinite amount of time to research and reason on their radically transformed spaceship-planet in a far, far future, Marcellis and Anemone still can’t deduce the meaning of life. But maybe deduction isn’t the way to find it.

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I was sitting at X-L-R with Anemone and Riff, in a gazebo that Riff had drawn up—I don't know, he had a thing for gazebos—when Anemone said, "Have you ever wanted to flatten your emotions?"

"Hell no," said Riff. He rapped on a cedar post. Chips of peeling paint fluttered to the floorboards. "Then I couldn't appreciate these babies."

"Seriously," said Anemone. "Rather than creating something to make you happy, didn't you ever think it might be better to flatten your emotions instead, so it...

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