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Life and Limb

By E. N. Dahl · Nov 17, 2018
1,241 words · 5-minute reading time

From the author: A man looks for a solution to his cybernetic arm. The Surgeon finds him first. Maybe he was better off before...

I thought she was a rumor.

People never talked openly about The Surgeon. If she came up in conversation, it was in whispers behind closed doors. When Marjorie first told me about her, I dismissed these discussions as rumors. Myths. Stories told to the desperate or fearful. Gullible people are why I spent my few scarce hours of free time at home, sitting around.

My couch was full of holes, but it was mine, and I was in my favorite spot, watching the Ultranet news feed on my holographic video screen. I didn’t have much else, and my barren apartment showed it. Blank walls, a dirty floor, and a sagging bed were about all I owned.

On the news, another few people had been killed by Enforcers. Unity Government’s official statement was, as always, “Obey the law, support your country, and do not resist arrest.”

A spasm ran down my arm. The left one, the Dynatech arm installed to replace my real one after the accident. Lately, it had been malfunctioning. I couldn’t afford repairs, and UniGov...

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