Catacombs (Excerpt)

By DC Phillips
Nov 16, 2018 · 610 words · 3 minutes

From the author: There he stood alongside the others at their final destination, hundreds of feet underground, clinging to the remnants of a smashed picture frame and a torn photograph. He gripped the broken edges of the frame so tightly that his hands began to bleed. "This is how it's all going to end," he thought. "Trapped."

The most prominent feature of Carter Heights stood at the heart of the rural town: Carter County Asylum. For years, the building had kept the citizens of Carter Heights safe from the ax murderers, kleptomaniacs, and general loonies that prowled the streets. Or, as some joked, Carter County Asylum kept its residents safe from the general public.

In addition to offering civil protection, the institution itself proved to be the true foundation of the community. When it was built in the late...

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