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The Ramshead Algorithm

By KJ Kabza
Nov 13, 2018 · 13,480 words · 50 minutes

From the author: Ramshead Jones has discovered a secret in his backyard: a portal inside the hedge maze that leads to a near-infinite number of realities. But his wealthy, dysfunctional family has their own maze of secrets, and when the hedge maze and the portal—and Ramshead’s only way out of his meaningless life on Earth—are threatened, Ramshead must confront his painful familial truths to harness the alien magic needed to save his planet’s future.

Beneath the four of us was a patch of bare earth, which Yuri had anchored into reality with a screw he'd muttered. Beyond our tiny island of the rational, the lines, as they say here, ran crooked: unknown suns rocked in the sky in polynomial smears of light. The walls of vegetation surrounding us reiterated with themselves, morphing each second into something different. The sudden paths in the undergrowth pulsed, as if breathing, before being swallowed by life again. Unchallenged by screws,...

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