Horror Strange


By Sandra R. Campbell
2,732 words · 10-minute reading time

From the author: In this horror short, a young woman recounts the night her family was torn apart. Only her father’s way of dealing with the tragedy sets up events that are even more horrifying than you would dare to believe. Abandoned first appeared in Suspense Magazine and was later produced by Chilling Entertainment for the Simply Scary Network.


By Sandra R. Campbell

In January 1985, my mother died in a car accident. Nobody’s fault, just an accident. I think that’s part of the reason my father couldn’t handle it – couldn’t handle me. There was no one to blame for her death.

Two horrible weeks later, my father crept through my doorway with a glass of wine in his hand to tell me I was no longer welcome. “Kate, you’re going to stay with Uncle Jay for a while.” His speech was slow and a little slurred.

A minute or two passed while I recovered from a sudden burst of fear, and then I babbled every question I had. “Why? When? How long? What do I need to pack?”

My father answered only one question before he turned and disappeared into the dark hall. “Pack everything.”

The next day we drove in silence to my uncle’s house in upstate New York. The entire contents of my bedroom crammed into the back of my father’s Jeep Cherokee. I can’t say I minded too much. My uncle Jay was a pro-football player – a safety with the Buffalo...

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