Horror Mystery Strange

No Good Deed

By DC Phillips
1,416 words · 6-minute reading time

From the author: Some lost objects aren't meant to be found... When Cam finds a lost phone in the woods, she decides to do the right thing by searching for its rightful owner. She soon realizes, though, that no good deed goes unpunished.

I've decided to attempt a bit of cross-platform promotion. No Good Deed was originally published as a serialized novelette on Wattpad, and it recently surpassed 200 reads. I felt the need to celebrate by sharing the prologue and first chapter below. The complete work can be found at wattpad.com/FrightfulFables. Happy reading!


He had been following her for the last three or four blocks, maybe more; Janna was sure of that. She drew the collar of her purple hoodie tight around her neck. Even though it was eighty-something degrees out, the hoodie had become her trademark. It was a comfort object for her, and besides, Coach said it was good to keep the muscles warm and limber.

She picked up the pace and paused the electronic beat that pulsed through her headphones. Replaced by the organic beat of her heart, the clunk of his work boots echoed behind her, and she thought she might be sick. His feet imitated the urgency of her own gait, removing any possibility of coincidence from...

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