Science Fiction flash fiction gay

Our Abstract World

By KJ Kabza
Nov 7, 2018 · 201 words · 1 minute

From the author: Most art is meant to be looked at. But now that you can plug a simulation of sensation directly into your brain, some art is meant to be felt.

Her opening at the MoMa was exquisite. I plugged the offered feeds into my brainjack and felt phantom textures: feathers, silk, wind, fur, oddly tactile sparkles.

I saw her in a corner, worked up some nerve, and approached her. I offered compliments. "I want my art to make people feel something," she explained. "And in our increasingly immaterial, abstract world, we've forgotten the kind of pleasure tactile stimulation can bring."

"Some of us haven't forgotten." I hesitated. "...Would you...

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