Fantasy children kidlit

If Looks Could Kill

By KJ Kabza
Oct 15, 2018 · 2,826 words · 11 minutes

From the author: Somebody has been turning the other kids on the playground into stone, and since everyone at Eastville Elementary is fully human except for Marissa, a half-Medusa and a troublemaker, all eyes are on her. But Marissa didn’t do it, and she must catch the real culprit before Principal Mariucci expels her.

When most people get angry, they yell or hit or run away—but when I get angry, I turn people into rocks.

I can't help it. It just happens.

Some people just make me so mad. Like Billy Frumpton. He's bigger than everybody in my class and he always steals milk from the cafeteria, and he pulls my hair, even though it hurts and I tell him not to. My teacher, Mr. Thorpp, says it's because Billy likes me. I think it's because Billy's a big jerk.

One Monday when we were walking out of the art room,...

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