Fantasy Science Fiction Love transgender gay secondary world fantasy relationships


By KJ Kabza
Oct 12, 2018 · 8,403 words · 31 minutes

From the author: Young Daybreak-under-Clouds yearns to leave the village of Lionfjord and travel the world, an act that marks the passage into manhood. But Daybreak has been caught having sex with men, and in Lionfjord, this is confirmation of womanhood. Miserable in a new gender role and desperate to leave Lionfjord, Daybreak doesn’t know what to do—until the mischievous Traveler Boneoak comes to town, with his irresistible smile and brilliant ideas.

Daybreak-under-Clouds stood and faced her grandmother. Heads in the assembled crowd turned. Were they staring at her boldness? Or--still--the fact that Daybreak wore a dress?

Daybreak didn't like it either. One short year ago, she had been certain that she'd grow up to be a man instead. So had everyone else, for that matter, until Daybreak began to dawdle outside the Traveler House and eye the bodies of Traveling men with obvious desire. Daybreak's no boy, the whispered rumors went. She's a...

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