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Apex Magazine

Apex Magazine is an online prose and poetry magazine of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mash-ups of all three. Works full of marrow and passion, stories that are twisted, strange, and beautiful. Creations where secret places and dreams are put on display.


short story

Laura Davy

The Food in the Basement

2531 words (10 minutes)


Kaden mostly fed Sondra frozen meals and salads, though he made a point to buy her favorite snacks and desserts ...

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short story

DJ Cockburn


4338 words (16 minutes)

Science Fiction

"Plenty of warm bodies at home. The debtor and the donor should be in there, with any luck."      Colin looked ...

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short story

Natalia Theodoridou

The Island in the Attic

1701 words (7 minutes)

FantasyLiterary FictionStrange

Where this story begins is not where it ends. The ending is neither a natural conclusion to the events leading u...

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