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Writers of the Future


short story

H.L. Fullerton

Last Sunset for the World Weary

3282 words (12 minutes) · 1 like

HumorSatireScience Fiction

We watched the world end from the observation deck of the star cruiser. Pickets sat on my right. "To new beginni...

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short story

L. D. Colter

The Clouds in Her Eyes

4648 words (17 minutes)

FantasyScience Fiction

A breeze caught at the blades of the windmill, producing a groan of protest from the hub. Amba glanced up at the...

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C.L. Holland

The Reflection of Memory

9931 words (37 minutes)


It was cold. So cold that the girl could hardly feel anything except a dull ache in her hands and feet. Somethin...

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short story

Stewart C Baker

Images across a Shattered Sea

3536 words (13 minutes)

Science Fiction

The air on the cliffs above the Shattered Sea was hot as a furnace and twice as dry. Still, Driss couldn't suppr...

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