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short story

Ken Altabef

Unremembered, Unforgotten

3796 words (14 minutes)

FantasyLiterary FictionStrange

She was surprised to find that even after twenty years of wind and rain, the crimson paint mark remained visible...

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short story

H.L. Fullerton

A Game of Brinkmanship at Copper Beach

2293 words (9 minutes)


It takes Marvin Zenski six months and nineteen days to gain an eighth of an inch. In his younger years, he could...

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DJ Cockburn

The Endocrine Tyranny

8036 words (30 minutes)

Science Fiction

Gareth stared out of his kitchen window. He didn’t pretend to be riveted by the pigeons bustling between Notting...

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short story

Brian K. Lowe

The Quick and the Dead

5992 words (22 minutes)


 It's funny how shy murder victims can be when they have to testify in court. An entire case fell apart once j...

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