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Crossed Genres


short story

Adam Israel

Dog Days

3577 words (14 minutes)


Bronwyn stared at the unopened letter on the table as if it might come alive any minute and bite her. The postma...

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short story

Effie Seiberg

Dinkley's Ice Cream

4022 words (15 minutes)

FantasyLiterary Fiction

Shanti squirmed with anticipation, trying to wriggle away from my hairbrush but caught by the knots in her curls...

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short story

Kate Heartfield

The Semaphore Society

2989 words (11 minutes) · 7 likes

Science Fiction

  The Semaphore Society   Gia blinks twice to drop the keyboard-display down. She doesn’t want to talk to her...

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short story

Sylvia Spruck Wrigley

Space Travel Loses Its Allure When You've Lost Your Moon Cup

1318 words (5 minutes)

HumorScience Fiction

Zero G and three light years from the nearest drugstore is a shitty time to realize that you left your spare moo...

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flash fiction

Laurie Tom

The Ancestors

850 words (4 minutes)


Every Chinese family celebrates Ching Ming a little differently. Not everyone burns paper money at the cemetery ...

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short story

Allison Mulder


3619 words (14 minutes)


He slipped over the sill of the open window, his toes clicking on the hardwood floor before he quickly stepped t...

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