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AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review


flash fiction

Grace Seybold

Unwinding Road

935 words (4 minutes) · 1 like

LoveScience FictionStrange

     Remember when you died, Catherine?      We were sitting on the porch, enjoying the sunlight. I thought you...

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short story

H.L. Fullerton

Last Time I Saw You

1964 words (8 minutes) · 1 like

LoveScience Fiction

"Do you ever dream of touching me?" Evid says, placing her gloved arm atop mine.  We're watching the news for up...

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short story

Wendy Nikel

The Tea-Space Continuum

1721 words (7 minutes) · 2 likes

Science FictionStrange

            Professor Lynette van Houten reached for her tea, her eyes still fixed on a paperback copy of The Ad...

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