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Cast of Wonders


short story

J.W. Alden

The Tentacles Never Lie

5475 words (20 minutes)

HumorScience Fiction

In Connie's line of work, you had to massage the truth from time to time. A stretch here, a bend there--even hum...

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short story

Rebecca Schwarz


3908 words (15 minutes) · 8 likes

ClassicScience Fiction

I’m about to blast a Grunt when the game freezes. Mom’s commandeered the link, and now she appears, in her old c...

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short story

Shane Halbach

Her Path Lay Forward

1287 words (5 minutes)


“What do we do?” whispered Oliver. “What do we do, what do we do?” Tears continued to leak from his red-rimmed e...

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