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flash fiction

Rebecca Birch

A Taste of Cinnamon

990 words (4 minutes)

Science Fiction

"C'mon, Renny," Jesmin whispered from the far side of the internal bulkhead.  "Don't get grav-feet now."  Renny...

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flash fiction

Addison Smith

Hope for Enthos

801 words (3 minutes)


The muted horns of passing cars drifted up to Enthos, where he sat on his ledge, peering over the street. The fa...

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short story

Sofie Bird

If X Is A Real Number

3031 words (12 minutes)

Science Fiction

There is a number on my screen so small it’s just a line of zeroes too long for the ship’s console to display. ...

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flash fiction

Aidan Doyle

Gold Farmer's Daughter

907 words (4 minutes)

HumorScience Fiction

Mei's contract specified she would only get paid if both the bride and groom, along with at least fifty percent ...

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flash fiction

Effie Seiberg

Re: Little Miss Apocalypse Playset

983 words (4 minutes) · 6 likes

HumorSatireScience Fiction

To: LMAmerchandising From: LMAmarketing Hey folks, I know it’s a tight squeeze for the manufacturing deadline ...

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