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Dawn Vogel

One for Every Year

Published Mar 12, 2018 · 867 words (4 minutes) · 1 like · 372 views

Fantasy Horror


Featured February 28, 2018


Wendy Nikel

A Song to Charm the Beasts

Published Sep 19, 2017 · 1,093 words (4 minutes) · 9 likes · 955 views

Classic Fantasy western marriage retelling deal with the devil mythology music gender-swapped weird west

In "A Song to Charm the Beasts," Ofira must play the fiddle to save the one she loves in this wild west retelling of a classic myth, full of hope and loss and howling desert wind. Wendy Nikel, short story sorcerer and tea drinker extraordinaire, recently released a time travel novella called "The Continuum," available from World Weaver Press.


my fiancées violin. old, sounds good even when combined with metal guitars for my music…
Featured December 1, 2017


Stewart C Baker

Elements of a Successful Exit Broadcast

Published Sep 18, 2017 · 223 words (1 minute) · 8 likes · 665 views

Science Fiction

This week’s featured story may be short, but it packs a punch. I love “Elements of a Successful Exit Broadcast” for its almost eerie rhythmic qualities (and I may be crazy, but reminds me of Radiohead every time). Stewart C Baker, now residing in Oregon (by way of England, South Carolina, Japan, and California), is academic librarian by trade, and has written many fine short stories, several of which can be found right here on Curious Fictions. Give them a read!



Effie Seiberg

Under the Bed

Published Jul 4, 2017 · 1,002 words (4 minutes) · 4 likes · 454 views

Fantasy Literary Fiction Monsters With Feels

The monsters under the bed love us and don't know how to express it. And they get sad when we leave them behind.


Boy reading a book in bed