Welcome to the Future!

By Curtis C. Chen
Sep 6, 2018 · 200 words · 1 minute

A colourful and welcoming sign that would make the majority of us feel welcome. Colourful and creative and an improvement on a plain wall.

Photo by Belinda Fewings via Unsplash.

From the author: I'm bad at post titles.

To celebrate the release of Ninth Step Station on Serial Box, my first Curious Fictions reprint offering is "Somebody's Daughter," a future-police mystery from 2014 (the year I went to Clarion West... but that's another story)!

The main characters, Jake and Andy, were featured in several of my 512 Words or Fewer flash fiction pieces, and this novelette was their first full-length mystery. I discovered how difficult it is to cram a satisfying number of plot twists into a short story, and also learned that there are any number of creative ways to keep dialogue "TV clean" (as might be requested by the Mormon editors publishing your piece).

If you'd like the full magazine in which this story originally appeared, you can buy a copy of Leading Edge #65 from Amazon!

My current plan for 2019 is to post a reprint story here on Curious Fictions every month. I've got a print-only backlist (i.e., stories not already available online) of at least ten stories, and after that... who knows? We'll see how this goes. Please subscribe and let me know what you think!

Curtis C. Chen

Curtis writes mostly science fiction and fantasy. MOSTLY.