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Self Publishing

By Premee Mohamed · Aug 24, 2018
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I was about to call this 'My Journey to Self Publishing' but HAHAHAHAHA NO


What actually happened, as detailed on my main website blog, is that I wrote a novella last summer, very quickly, and was really rather pleased with it, and then decided that I would self-pub an illustrated version. After about three months, I had gotten as far as deciding what style of illustration I would prefer. After maybe ten months, early in spring of this year, I had annotated which scenes I would like to illustrate.

Slowly it dawned on me: At this rate, it would take about four thousand years to actually thumbnail, sketch, ink, scan, clean up, frame, number, format, and insert these so-called illustrations into a so-called book.

The realization was wearying; I went to bed for two days, trying to gather enough strength to put pencil to paper.

Then I realized that it was possible, just possible, that I could... publish it without the drawings, just to get it out there, and...


Premee Mohamed

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