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Being On Submission, AKA The Worst

By Premee Mohamed · Jul 30, 2018
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Greetings, loyal subscribers! :D If you follow me on Twitter (@premeesaurus), you'll know that I was able to announce last week that my debut novel, provisionally titled (because I used my Terrible SFF Novel Name Generator to name it years ago) 'Beneath the Rising' and an untitled sequel (oh dear) have been purchased by Rebellion Publishing's Solaris imprint! Which is super exciting, and the best way to end the, um. Um. What's the word I'm looking for here. The uh, 'adventure' that is being on sub.

Querying? Not much fun. On the other hand: you handpick your list of agents, choose when you'll query them and in what order, you write your own query, polish it yourself, write your own synopsis, and track everything in whatever way you seem fit. "Autonomy is the highest right of humankind!" you get to yell with every sent email.

But being on submission was, at least for me, an exercise in how much I didn't know about publishing (p. much everything) and also how comfortable I was with my...


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