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Querying Post: Part 2 + Sample

By Premee Mohamed · May 6, 2018
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So, as per my last post, here's approximately what my query looked like back in the day. I'm using 'Aliens' as an example instead of my actual book, which is still on sub (go go go lil novel! u can do eet!)

As per the structure I described previously:

- What does the main character want and why might we want to read about it?

- Bit of back story, and how the back story might feed into book events

- Prevention of getting what she wants (based on back story, and current events)

- Who might help

- Ending setup

- Wordcount, title, genre

'Aliens' is set up really well for this, as it's a sequel that can also stand on its own. The marines don't know there's a previous movie. They only have Ripley's word for it, and therefore all the setup and back story that they need is received from Ripley herself. Similarly, the reader can get everything they need to know from this query, as if there were no previous movie. Ripley, also, is a sympathetic character -- she's not solely easy to...


Premee Mohamed

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