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Querying Post: Part 1

By Premee Mohamed · Apr 28, 2018
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I did a Twitter poll to see what people wanted to see for subscriber posts, and for the longest time 'how I flesh out ideas' was in the lead...till at the last minute (it must have been, because I kept checking) 'querying, etc' took the lead!

Initially, I was thinking self-publishing; no agent would be interested in my stuff, at least not if they wanted to 'make money' and 'not eat catfood forever.' Then a friend pointed out that I should at least start querying, and in the meantime, if I felt like it, get ready to self-publish. This seemed like a sound idea, and the thought of being ready to go on my own after a couple hundred rejections was appealing.

So I set up my querying spreadsheet:

- Name of agent, and their email or query form

- Name of agency

- Whether you could query more than one agent at the same agency (not very common, but not something you want to screw up, either)

- Link to the agent's 'What I Want' page or similar (any MSWL, or Manuscript Wishlist, stuff) if they...


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