Hello! Welcome! Have a new reprint once a week.

By KJ Kabza
Apr 18, 2018 · 125 words · 1 minute

From the author: I've written a lot of stories, and they'll all (eventually) end up here.

Hi there, Curious readers!

I'm KJ Kabza. I've been writing and selling short fiction since 2002, and since then I've had over 70 stories published across various print and online venues. That equals a heck of a lot of reprints (and a heck of a lot of potential Curious Fictions content for you).

For now, I'm planning to post 1 new reprint each week. They'll be a mix of genres, styles, lengths, and ages, with some stories having been published right at the start of my career, and others as recently as a couple of years ago. I hope the mix offers something for everyone.

I've posted 3 reprints at once to start. Enjoy--and thanks for reading!

--KJ Kabza