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Magnificent Now Free to Read

By Novae Caelum
Jan 24, 2021 · 158 words · 1 minute

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Art by Novae Caelum.  

From the author: My nonbinary superhero novella Magnificent is now free to read on Curious Fictions.

Hi everyone,

I've just made my nonbinary superhero novella Magnificent free to read on Curious Fictions! (It was previously subscribers only.) If you read it and love it, please consider sharing, chipping in a tip, or buying the ebook version on Amazon. Thanks!

This has been a very emotional week for me as queer folx have been getting freedoms back and being seen and heard in America more than ever before. Nonbinary rep is so, so important to me, and it's still very small in fiction in general, so putting my novella further out there to help with the love. :)

And a general update on writing: I'm halfway through writing Book 4 of the Lyr and Cavere series! So just a little over halfway done with the entire series. It is coming along wonderfully! I'm still not sure when or how I'll start sharing/posting/publishing these, but I'll keep you all posted! 


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All I ever wanted to do was fly with my family and help save the world. But I didn't get my own powers until bullies cornered me for not acting like the girl they thought I was and I had to defend myself. Having a secret identity is hard, but there's more than one kind of mask, and I can't wear my masks much longer. I'll soon find out if the world's ready for a genderqueer hero.

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