novella craft

Thoughts on Length

By Premee Mohamed
Jan 21, 2021 · 1,597 words · 6 minutes

20210121 122242

Art by Premee Mohamed.  

From the author: Thoughts on what makes a good concept or premise for a novella, and other of its internal mechaisms, as compared to a short story or novel.

A brilliant writer friend of mine (whom I am not sure would wish to be identified by name here?) asked me an interesting, as well as timely, question this morning: "Do you have any tactics for identifying a novella-sized concept?"

I wrote back, "For all of my novellas, I didn't write them intentionally at novella size? I started with a short story (outlined, even!) and for each one they just.......... swelled up to novella size by the time I was done the events in the outline, but not novel...

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