christmas urban fantasy 2020 karen


By Stephen Dedman
Dec 20, 2020 · 74 words · 1 minute

This was originally published in the Australian magazine Altair, hence the English spelling despite the New York setting. I decided not to change this, but I did rename one of the characters because 'Karen' now has associations it didn't when I wrote the story (I'm stuck with it for the name of the protagonist's sister in my novel Immunity, unfortunately.)

Fuck 2020. Wishing you all happy holidays, and here's hoping 2021 is immeasurably better.

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When Nick Horne, police crime scene exeminer turned science journalist, hears rumors of a leak at Helikal's genetic engineering lab in Western Australia's wheatbelt, he tries to contact geneticist David Mora for details. After learning that Mora has disappeared, Horne realizes that someone is trying to stop him investigating Helikal. Soon, Horne is not only fighting for his life, but must make decisions that can affect the world - but first, he has to decide who he can trust.

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