September catch-up story

By Curtis C. Chen
Oct 14, 2020 · 260 words · 1 minute

Photo by Mark Boss via Unsplash.

Apologies to all you loyal subscribers who didn't get a story last month. I'm posting this one now, and there will be another original piece up before the end of October. Swearsies!

"You Can Take the Dog Out of the Park" is an excerpt from my 2010 NaNoWriMo project, which was based on the unsold short story that got me accepted to the Viable Paradise writing workshop in 2008. (And that was originally based on a weird dream I had in 1999.)

So it's been more than twenty years since I first had this idea, but the full finished product will probably never see the light of day at this point. Let me explain.

Not every idea I have is story-worthy. Not every idea I have is worth exploring. As my friend Marlee is fond of saying, "I have a lot of thoughts and feelings"--but not all of those are good thoughts or feelings.

Especially now, after GRIMM has ran its course on television and during the ongoing widespread protests against police brutality, I don't think a story about a uniformed officer in San Francisco fighting magical creatures is particularly appropriate. Maybe I'll figure out something else to do with this character later on, but now's not the time.

Anyway. If you want to see a bit more of this work-in-progress, here are two more flash fiction excerpts: "Habeas Corpus" and "Gone But Not Forgotten."

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