My Weekly 5 - September 21, 2020

By Maria Haskins
Sep 21, 2020 · 1,353 words · 5 minutes

Weekly5 14


From the author: 5 great mosaic books (!) to take you through more than a week!

For this week's Weekly 5, I'm bringing you 5 "mosaic" books, meaning books that use linked short stories to tell a novel-length story. I love this kind of approach, because of the way it can interweave various points of view, timelines, times in history, and voices.

Midnight and Moonshine, by Lisa L. Hannett and Angela Slatter

Beneath is a bird cage. Made of polished antler, carved and stained the hue of honey, each rail wound with silver wire. Inside, not clinging to a perch, but huddling...
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